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SWF & FLV Player for Mac 4.2
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File Size: 10.2 Mb

SWF & FLV Player for Mac 4.2

Publisher:SWF Mac Software
Language:English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
Requirements:Mac OS X 10.4 and higher
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

SWF & FLV Player for Mac - SWF & FLV Player is a free and smart Flash movie player. It is the only stand-alone application for Mac OS that is able to playback SWF and FLV files with plenty of bonus features. It provides handy movie controls, that let you play, rewind, fast-forward and playback movie files frame-by-frame.

SWF & FLV Player also lets you create and manage playlists - play FLV and SWF files randomly or one by one, repeat one item or the whole playlist, save playlists so you can load your favorite movie collection later.

SWF & FLV Player PRO version (available for a small fee) delivers yet more functionality to the users: ability to download Flash movie from web; switch to full-screen viewing mode; capture the current frame of the movie and produce series of screenshots out of your favorite FLV or SWF movie. SWF & FLV Player has changed its name to Elmedia Player since version 4.0.

List of Changes:

Version 4.2 from 2011-07-06

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Version 4.1 from 2011-04-15

Added: support of all most popular media formats (SWF, FLV, Silverlight, Real files and other media); added: downloading of various media content from web (PRO)

Version 3.8 from 2008-04-11

- Added: possibility to choose background color for FLV files
- Added: possibility to disable screensaver during full-screen playback

Version 3.5 from 2007-10-04

- "Download online Flash movies" feature does not work if you have Safari 3 installed in your system
- Fixed: representation of loading resources when Safari 3 installed
- Fixed: minor bugs
- Updated: Japanese localization (thanks to Tadahisa SUGISAKI)


SWF & FLV Player for Mac by Eltima Software.

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File Size: 10.2 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Info 2011-08-08 15:09:33 #
Version: 4.1

Works just great.

Fonticulus 2011-05-24 05:58:43 #
Version: 4.1

My download an installation were apparently successful. Unfortunately, the SWF @ FLV Player is not playing FLV files on my Mac.

Dbfahey 2011-03-16 23:26:29 #
Version: 3.8

worked straight away for me so that a vid I needed for work I was able to view within seconds of the download completing.

Laurence 2010-11-15 16:07:30 #
Version: 3.8

After searching and testing for hours none of the players touted as working with 10.3.9 worked I merely installed and un-installed player after player. I was about to give up, I'm glad I didn't... this little gem worked right off with no further ado! Thanks, I'm indebted. papafish

Bushchime 2010-07-01 04:50:50 #
Version: 3.8

i was hopping to play gif files .....oh well

Info 2010-05-19 15:50:12 #
Version: 3.5

I am very pleased to have found your product. It suits my needs perfectly as a web developer using a Mac. Highly recommended! Thank you.

Stafaalst 2010-05-12 11:29:52 #
Version: 3.5

Everyting worked out just as I wanted it.

Lafmat 2010-05-01 15:27:26 #
Version: 3.5

I have iSwiff 1.2.2 (v32)and use it with my Mac Panther OS X 10.3.9. I'm very satistisfied with it but was curious about your Update SWF & FLV Player for Mac 3.5.
After downloading it I realized that I need OS X 10.4 although you mentionned in your requirements 10.3.

Clairehb 2010-04-19 07:58:08 #
Version: 3.5

My computer is too old (mac power boog G4 10.3.9), I am upset, how can I view my video? VLC is not sufficient...

Zsyaseen 2010-04-18 12:05:25 #
Version: 3.5

did not work on my power pc G5 imac running 10.3.9 - brought up diagloge saying install 10.4

Piepieple 2010-04-07 14:55:17 #
Version: 3.5

It is just amazing, I can finally open SWF files and play the games with the .swf attachment to it.

E J Main 2010-03-28 02:10:08 #
Version: 3.5

happy with it so far!! thanks

Lsims01 2010-03-26 12:53:43 #
Version: 3.5

Not what it seemed to say it was. Thought it was a file convertor. Not a lot of use.

Onyx 2010-03-08 02:40:48 #
Version: 3.5

It doesn't work on my Mac OS 10.3.6 How fake it requires 10.4 or later

Sistahq 2010-02-14 12:58:14 #
Version: 3.5

I downloaded SWF & FLV Player for Mac 3.5 because I want to use it for Mac OS 10.3.9 and could not use it because the latest version was substituted.

I was able to download what I wanted from another site and am quite pleased with it.

Visual Impact 2010-02-03 08:11:38 #
Version: 3.5

Using Google, I searched specifically for Eltima SWF & FLV player for Mac 10.3.9. I was directed to several Eltima sites for download of the software, but I found, repeatedly, that the actual version of SWF & FLV available at each location had been updated and the "new and improved" download (apparently the only version now offered) has a minimum requirement of 10.4, and excludes everything older... including my 10.3.9 Panther. I could find no site where the earlier version of the player was still being offered. It is too bad they do not allow the choice of the earlier version as well.

W N 2009-10-20 21:36:57 #
Version: 3.5

it works good !

Moushengxu 2009-10-13 09:01:05 #
Version: 3.5

unable to install.

Leadseekpro 2009-09-15 22:31:51 #
Version: 3.5

it works great.

Ewjohnson 2009-09-07 02:49:11 #
Version: 3.5

Works good, thanks.

Phil Diane 2009-09-04 08:16:00 #
Version: 3.5

Seemed to work OK for me (OS 10.3.9)

Thompsonphotographic 2009-09-03 15:43:16 #
Version: 3.5

Yeah! It Works!! Thanks

Fgrindle 2009-08-27 14:01:02 #
Version: 3.5

I downloaded the program, dragged it into my applications folder and then tried to start it. I got a message that the program quit. This has happened after I tried another download. I don't know what is wrong. Another problem is that I can't open Finder after I downloaded and tried to open SWF.

Patmccoy 2009-08-12 05:09:46 #
Version: 3.5

I have a G4 450 with 1 gig ram. the program doesn't or hasn't played any of the 5 flv. files I've downloaded.

Ngalyod 2009-07-23 22:15:57 #
Version: 3.5

Let's me watch .flvs on OS X 10.3.9. Nothing else seems to. Rock.

Jonastecknare 2009-07-13 10:49:55 #
Version: 3.5

What can i say, it worked! Which means i can download U-tube stuff and watch later. Really nice when you are on a 28K modem most of the time.

Snowface 2009-07-03 15:42:30 #
Version: 3.5

Have a Mac G-4 and OS X 10.3.9, so was thrilled to see an .flv player that'd work with this. Was I wrong.

It installed fine, but clips would not play. Totally useless, but then it was free. Probably not worth the effort to d/l.

MusikDididi 2009-06-30 16:42:11 #
Version: 3.5

The player works. It's really o.k. and better than most of the other players, I tested.

Genisis 2009-06-23 12:50:59 #
Version: 3.5

Hey, tried it last night and work great. There needs to be an exporter though as I would like to be able to convert things to play on other computers without them having to download the program too

Steve Parker 2009-05-20 16:39:41 #
Version: 3.5

Probably my set-up but my mac G4 on 10.3.9 ran the program OK but flv files it sees seem only to run the time display as if playing but there is no screen image and no sound - making it no good for my needs. Had to resort to using a peecee which played the same flv fine

Denisey116 2009-04-26 17:07:16 #
Version: 3.5

The player was easy to download. It worked on two files and would not open any others. It may be user error ;-)

Djszumla 2009-04-13 17:30:32 #
Version: 3.5

Worked out great!!

MacOSX_10.3.9 2009-04-10 18:17:48 #
Version: 3.5

SWF/FLV player suitable for AppleMac iBookG4 Panther operating system. Perfect, thanks!

Mvh112453 2009-04-05 06:57:09 #
Version: 3.5

I just used this player yesterday on my Bondi iMac G3/333. The software worked like a charm. Smooth playback with no glitches. Nice.

Ivan Brennan 2009-03-30 16:49:45 #
Version: 3.5

Seems pretty good so far.

Tom 2009-03-29 09:55:53 #
Version: 3.5

A great piece of software. Easy to use - it "does what it says on the tin" - and does the job well.

Tom Thorpe

Richsett 2009-03-18 21:03:15 #
Version: 3.5

Very Happy

Love it! Works really well with my older ibookG4 with OS 10.3.9

Normw 2009-03-18 09:28:36 #
Version: 3.5

OK thank you

Yes it works just fine, Thanks.

Morr1298 2009-03-15 10:53:22 #
Version: 3.5

swf & flv player for os 10.3.9

The program works as advertised, I downloaded the free version. I needed it for flv videos
that I can't convert to quicktime. Because of my old os (10.3.9) I can't use the newer
conversion programs offered for os 10.4. Good program, works very well.

Wrowe 2009-03-10 15:01:16 #
Version: 3.5

loading movies on layers

I like very much the look and feel of the player. The interface and info palette are great.

I tested the s/w with a swf movie that loads multiple movies on layers therein.
The links did not work. Is this a limitation or am I missing something?


Jedberg 2009-02-19 12:01:56 #
Version: 3.5

Using SWF / FLV for MAC

It seems to be rather pixely resolution as compared to other players I have used. The forward slider did not function.

Mstockdill 2009-02-18 22:39:32 #
Version: 3.5

Didn`t open .avi file

Opening an avi file didn't work

Pablo 2009-02-07 22:58:12 #
Version: 3.5


worked great thanks.... thats all i have to say

Nickee Bee 2009-01-31 08:43:51 #
Version: 3.5

Quick, Easy and Free!

Amazing - it enabled me to view video that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to see.

Jpohl 2009-01-13 15:57:02 #
Version: 3.5

Close but no cigars

The download process was extremely fast and easy, but the resolution of the videos was disappointing.

Donathen 2009-01-03 22:42:56 #
Version: 3.5


Really easy to use, great playback, user friendly.

Tom 2008-12-27 21:44:37 #
Version: 3.5

Flv player.

Very useful for vids I could not watch otherwise, even though image quality could be a little better.

Hollowayd 2008-12-18 16:32:31 #
Version: 3.5

does what it`s supposed to

The SWF & FLV player is convenient, has a nice interface, and does everything I expected of it.

Orbyss 2008-12-18 04:01:13 #
Version: 3.5

SWF&FLVplayer for mac

nice applicatin.


Raxar7 2008-12-17 08:22:51 #
Version: 3.5

Great App.

I test another FLVs player and this was the best app. Thanks.

Stellenric 2008-12-08 10:20:29 #
Version: 3.5

positive comment

i was looking for a flv player and i tested yours. it works with my mac osX 3.9 and i'm
satisfied . thank you.

Hollowayd 2008-12-08 07:52:13 #
Version: 3.5

It works

It works just fine. Very efficient.

Dlynch 2008-12-08 06:44:37 #
Version: 3.5

Kept Crashing

I never got to try it as it would load then shut down.

Hingis 2008-12-04 07:43:59 #
Version: 3.5

Good player

It's a good player with some bad features, but I like to use it..goodart

Stanislav_stein 2008-12-01 15:56:48 #
Version: 3.5

good work

an easy to use and easy to install flv-player. it works perfectly well. thanks a lot

Ltfook 2008-11-18 03:09:42 #
Version: 3.5

Great Use

I'm now able to watch flash movies on 10.3.9. Hooray!

Coco 2008-11-15 02:48:40 #
Version: 3.5

Quiet simple

Need to arrange films on the playlist by yourself, don't have the function to order them by names to play. And it skips some films on the list automatically.

Dr.bekzx 2008-11-13 10:33:44 #
Version: 3.5

Pretty Cool

The player runs well on my 10.3.9 im happy. Thanks, Q&A! XD

Sacw 2008-11-08 00:36:10 #
Version: 3.5

Wow! Finally I can view those flv vids!

Worked smoothly. The ff buttons don't seem to work. Also it's not clear wether you can.
Convert the flv files to quicktime if l buy the pro version.

n 2008-11-03 05:09:49 #
Version: 3.5

So good.

Fine, good performance.

Dadofdragon 2008-10-22 23:14:00 #
Version: 3.5

player swf & flv

I had trouble using it might be me

Info 2008-10-22 07:20:41 #
Version: 3.5

Review from

SWF & FLV Player for Mac is very easy to use and I can't say anything bad about this product.
As we work with video, it's so simple to just drop an SWF file at the icon to check the function. This player save lot of time for us.

Rhray 2008-10-18 23:45:43 #
Version: 3.5

Worked great

Downloaded program and it just worked.

Rikki 2008-10-11 06:48:41 #
Version: 3.5

Does what it says on the tin.

I needed something to play flv files.
Without delving any deeper, I found this app to work immediately, easily, with straightforward interface and no fuss.
Perfect for what I wanted.

Empresshomebase 2008-09-07 15:11:32 #
Version: 3.5

Third Time Lucky!

The first few times I tried, it didn't seem to work for me, but I tried again .... and it WORKS! FANTASTIC!!

Mjpete27 2008-08-31 01:38:42 #
Version: 3.5

SWF FLV Player

I did the download and I played some .flv files I had not been able to play before. I just wish they were a little less blocky or pixelated. This could be the movies' themselves but they did look better when I first viewed them online.
So I would recommend this to others.
I use a PowerMac PPC duel 2.5 Ghz, 8GB RAM, 256 Gforce Video, OS 10.3.9.

Dlvallis 2008-08-28 17:51:07 #
Version: 3.5


The player had really no preferences you could set. I tried to play a wmv file it and I did not get it to work. The interface needs to be easier.

Ishandghul 2008-08-28 07:39:28 #
Version: 3.5

Great player BUT...

Hello. Let's get one thing straight here. There is no way I could even begin to code a piece of software such as this. These people are way ahead of me!! The player itself does exactly what it is supposed to do. Sadly, as a Mac user, I have to say it is lagging behind Quicktime in usability and features, so good as it is, there is no point in keeping it on my machine. Kind regards and Best Wishes for the future... Ishtiaq

Downs 2008-08-08 08:08:53 #
Version: 3.5

Re: Request for comment...

This is a no-holds-barred app. It does what it says and it does it well. And it's free.
Though, in this ever changing environment of home computer video editors, players and plug-ins it seems like it may get lost in the shuffle. I am glad I came across it when I did.

Virgilio 2008-08-05 04:03:59 #
Version: 3.5


It covers the goal required, seamless and without charge. Point your browser on required video, thus click on the arrow at right we go! I'm suggesting it to everybody.

Phrenology 2008-08-03 21:07:59 #
Version: 3.5

Flv/swf player for mac.

Loaded ok but can't get it to play any thing. Can't get any thing into thenplay list. Can't open a file for it to play.

Alex J 2008-07-15 03:26:30 #
Version: 3.5

Failed to launch

I installed the software and it started well the first time. But after I opened the first SWF file, it crashed. Since then, I haven't been able to launch it.

Wobblytripod 2008-06-20 07:53:35 #
Version: 3.5

Didn`t keep it

After trying figure out how to load a movie into it for about a half hour, I managed to do it but, then all I could do was play it just the same as I would on YouTube. I only downloaded the free trial so, I have no idea if that was why I wasn't able to step through things frame by frame or use the zoom function.

I found he "Help" tutorial to be written for computer geeks who know what all the acronyms and abbreviations stand for so, it was no "Help" to me at all.

After about an hour of trying to get it to work for me with no success, I trashed it. I use a site for downloading YouTube videos called Vixy Download that just turns the YouTube videos into a Quicktime movie I can keep and it's extremely easy to use, I found this player to be confusing and too much effort by comparison.

I'm a very busy man and when I have to spend more than an hour of my time trying to figure out how to use a program that SHOULD be a no-brainer to use but isn't, I just dump it and move on. For what this does, (in theory) it shouldn't even NEED instructions, let alone ones that are written poorly. HINT: When writing an instruction manual, spend less time telling me what it CAN do and more time telling me HOW to do it. I couldn't even figure out where I was supposed to get the movie FROM in the first place, when I opened the thing where I needed to get the URL ('browse URL' I think it was called) it opened my Applications Folder? If I already HAVE the movie in my Applications Folder, what the heck do I need THIS player for?

I'm confused and it got trashed.

Jeff.hino 2008-06-03 16:49:36 #
Version: 3.5

Didn`t work too well for me

It might have been a corrupt file, or some other issue with my MacBook Pro, but the SWF & FLV Player repeatedly quit as I tried to open a file. Then it would work only intermittently. I switched to my QuickTime player after installing Perian1.1 plug-in.

Ritchieb 2008-05-27 02:43:43 #
Version: 3.5

Good application

I would like to say that I'm very pleased with this free application for my Mac.
It works well.

Sisyphe 2008-05-23 06:53:32 #
Version: 3.5

Nice player

Nice player for e.g. downloaded youtube videos

-CudaBoy 2008-04-28 22:10:36 #
Version: 3.5

1st impression of SWF player

I downloaded this player to play an .swf game. I did not want to involve my browser - the most common way of playing Flash stuff.

It does what I want - plays the game, albeit with a different frame rate (slower) than that from off the web stream. I haven't messed with the settings, it seems there are a lot of prefs that might deal with frame rate etc so I'm not in panic mode. All in all, a great shareware app for standalone .swf playback.

Jellison 2008-04-25 04:39:08 #
Version: 3.5

Private residence use, eMac 1 ghz OS X10.3.9

This Player opened & played flv files that I hadn't thrown away yet, but were not play-able on My VLC player & I was ready to pitch them. Works great on Panther & I will consider buying the Pro-version in near future

aussiefan 2008-04-12 07:27:37 #
Version: 3.5

Easy to use.

This is a great product not only was it free but it plays flv without any slow moments like some other FLV players do. I am so glad I downloaded it. Bruce.

swatkins01 2008-04-10 22:00:39 #
Version: 3.5

Great Player - Easy to Use!

No better choice for playing SWF and FLV files on the Mac. Simple, easy to use, and works just like it should. Highly recommended.

bobbbbbbbb 2008-04-03 15:30:52 #
Version: 3.5

Nice product, grateful to have it.

Nice product, grateful to have it!

Johntheone86 2008-03-17 20:41:14 #
Version: 3.5

Sexy thing.

Has a nice interface and is so easy to use. I also like the file type's logos (extentions) that the player brings to your computer, nice work.

Buddy123 2008-03-14 04:37:13 #
Version: 3.5

This player performs very well

I used your flv player on an Imac G4 800 running OSX 10.3.9 with very good results. Keep up the good work.
I play downloaded flv movies with the player.
The player worked very well with my older Imac

BHF 2008-02-29 20:47:48 #
Version: 3.5

Excellent player

Recently, I've used AIM and Adobe Bridge to view FLV movies on a Mac, w/OS 10.4. They work, but they're slow and the video is often choppy and not up to speed. SWF&FLV player for Mac is terrific: simple and it plays at the right speed. That's what I use it for, and it works just fine.

D001 2008-02-03 19:51:12 #
Version: 3.5

Freakin awesome.

This program is freakin awesome,

johnbro 2007-12-21 14:57:23 #
Version: 3.5

I like it.

Very nice player. Easy to use and works like a charm.

NCSA-Mosaic-User 2007-10-09 22:24:42 #
Version: 3.5

A well designed player, but editor.

After using the progam for a view days I found the program opened and played FLV files perfectly fine. It would play them without interuption and give you all infromation, or most of the information you would want or need about a specific flv or streaming media from services such as youtube. As a Player, it Acheives it's goals. The Interface could use some work I think. The data is just kind of thrown into one window on the side about the video, it should be more sectionalized and allow you to more easily decide what fields/data ahould be presented. I also feel the playback interface, pause, rewind and so forth while simple, maybe to simple. What is the small icon image of the video for? Why? Add some more info in mouse over actions about the platback windows buttons/features, not the obvious things like pause, play and so forth, the more application specific controls. Its a very fair and succesfull player that runs stable. However I think the editing features and the tools given to capture embedded media from web pages need to be improved upon. Specifically the editing tools need to e better displayed ad described, they should be more comes second hand without having to go into much learning. I found an alternative program which recently added FLV capability to it that does the playback feature just as good but the editing part far better in both ease of use, functionality and interface design.

TsAngel 2007-09-27 00:53:20 #
Version: 3.5

This works great!

I was able to view all the videos I had but if you want to convert them go to
apple. Com and get isquint. It works great!

Donny Priambodo 2007-09-19 17:07:07 #
Version: 3.5

Good to be downloaded

Very good software for mac user

Proffie 2007-09-13 08:36:40 #
Version: 3.5

Great Tool

Easy to download and install, fixed my Flash viewing issues straight away.

Download Now
File Size: 10.2 Mb